The architecture of the Hangar Lofts Hotel has a voice of its own, but to stop there would be short sighted. Everywhere the eyes of our guests move, we want to be there with an element of surprise. The Hangars considers “everything” a work of art. This includes the custom furniture, the lighting, and of course, those pieces of art that hang on the walls. Our mission is to surprise, inspire, and hold every guest captive from the moment they turn into to the driveway of lighted palms until they turn off the last light before counting sheep. We are excited and proud to have several local artists who have participated in the success of our visual entertainment and we are proud to tell their stories as well.

Billy Mustard

“Billy Mustard has had the most profound impact on my career as a builder and designer. I met Billy shortly after purchasing the Hangar building which, fortunately for me, is located just over the backyard fence of his workshop. Who would have believed a talent of his magnitude would be there in the “back yard” ready to take on such a daunting task! Billy helped to design and build the “eye candy” that helped to make the Hangars so unique. Special projects include the steel staircases, birch cabinetry, and concrete countertops not to mention the countless hours of design consulting.”

– Joab Dick, Owner 

Billy Mustard currently still operates directly behind the Hangars as a design consultant, steel fabricator and all around custom creator of unique and difficult to make works of art. He continues to add modern works of art to the Hangar Lofts Hotel with his platform beds, metal -enclosed patios, and Italian inspired hardware while devoting quality time to his wife and two daughters and some heavy hours in the gym. 

To find out more about this extraordinary craftsman and designer of training and fitness equipment, visit

Clark Ellefson

“A Columbia icon, Clark Ellefson, made a major impression on me long before I took to building and designing. I came across this enormous warehouse filled with post-modern furniture and avant-garde lighting while a sophomore at the University of South Carolina. The experience was life-altering as I would continue to follow his work, purchase his functional yet artistic creations, defer to his wisdom on form and function, and invest in a warehouse of my own to renovate and extrapolate my own experiences with space, modernity, and art.
As a proud owner of a number of Clark’s contemporary lamps, I have decided to share my collection with guests of the hotel. One can find a towering Medusa lamp or a hanging pendant; a ball gum machine lamp and other unique and playful pieces throughout the hotel.”

– Joab Dick, Owner 

The principal designer and owner of Lewis+Clark, Ellefson continues to create art out of “unchartered territories of material” that has earned numerous showings in our city’s museum (The Columbia Museums of Art) as well as museums and exhibits around the country including The Chicago Art Institute, The Miami Museum of Modern Art, and The Victoria and Albert Museum.  When he is not manipulating materials for his next piece of art or creating a Chargebot (whimsical robot/charging stations), you can find Ellefson working on numerous local art events, supporting fellow artists along the streets of the Vista and the recently opened Stormwater Studios, or listening to music at, where else, a lounge aptly named, the Art Bar, which ,incidentally, he co-owns.

You may visit him at the Lewis +Clark Appliance Art at 1001 Huger street (a call or email to make an appointment is recommended): 803.765.2405 or [email protected].

Anne Marie Cockrell

“I have known Anne Marie for close to 25 years and have marveled at her ability to capture the human form. She is quite the juxtaposition – a soft-spoken woman whose renderings of the shape and contours of the body shout a fierce sense of confidence and direction. Her themes of the human form make for a perfect companion to the fluidity, energy, and aesthetic of our Hangar Lofts Hotel.”  

– Joab Dick, Owner 

For artist and rolfer Anne Marie, years spent studying ballet and modern dance led to studying dance therapy, yoga, and healing- and finally to mastering the art of massage and rolfing. Not surprisingly, Anne Marie found the human form an impossible subject to ignore. With over 20 years of literally “hands-on experience,” Anne Marie now captures the human form in charcoals and pencils. Her works gracefully adorn various art shows and now the bedrooms, baths, and hallways of the hotel. To find out more about the artist and her holistic approach to both wellness and art, please visit or

Eileen Blyth

“I first met Eileen in 2005 when we were both serving on the Columbia Design league, a group composed of Columbia Museum of Art members who share the belief that design matters in every aspect of life. Back then, I didn’t even know she was an artist! It wasn’t until years later, while visiting the 80808 Gallery in the Vista, that I ran into her and her solo exhibition and immediately realized that her perspective, an artist’s vision, paralleled my own vision for the art that I wanted to integrate into the Hangars Loft Hotel. Two larger than life acrylic and graphite abstracts on canvas stretch out along the walls of two of the lofts and three framed acrylic abstracts welcome guests as they enter the hotel lobby and keep company with the modern lighting of Clark Ellefson and several Herman Miller chairs.”

– Joab Dick, Owner 

Her works have been showcased around the world from the Piccolo Spoleto Juried Exhibition in Charleston, South Carolina to the International Contemporary Art Exhibition of 2016 in Assisi, Italy. Blyth can be found painting, sculpting, or using a power tool in her studio located at artists village, Stormwater Studios (a neighbor of Lewis+Clark and the hand blown glass studio and gallery, One-Eared Cow Glass) or searching roadsides and abandoned homes for the next object of her expression. 

To view and find out more on Blyth’s formidable collection of paintings, sculptures, and installations, please visit

Jan Swanson

“I remember visiting one of Jan’s first galleries, the Bus Stop Gallery, an obscure studio on a main urban artery in Columbia, one that invited local artists to show their works on a quarterly basis. Entering that gallery always felt like a treasure hunt for me – not knowing what piece of art you would find and always pleasantly surprised to discover so many works of interest- including her own. Presently, she creates in the spacious basement of her Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home surrounded by panoramic views of Lake Katherine. Her art, both whimsical and social, playful and abstract, sit atop a conveyor belt turned bar table and several Noguchi coffee tables including one of my own. Two abstracts painted on repurposed cotton canvas tarps hang in the 722 Loft at South Edisto.” 

– Joab Dick, Owner 

A self-taught artist who describes her paintings and mixed media from childhood recollections and life’s imperfections.  She has represented more than 200 artists and has held numerous art shows. When not assisting other artists, Jan can be found working in the expansive basement of her mid-century home.

To read more about this artist who refers to her art as “not quite right (like me)” and to view a portfolio of her recent works, please visit

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