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This is a true warehouse loft. Stretch out in 2000 square-feet of a reinvented raw industrial building consisting of two bedrooms and two full bathrooms. This loft boasts exposed brick walls, structural steel beams, and concrete floors and countertops. The Baltic-birch custom cabinetry frames the modern kitchen, containing the soft-spoken beauty of stainless Bosch appliances. The 20-foot tall ceilings are accented with exposed aluminum spiral ductwork hung with leather strapping as a backdrop to a ceiling created of both exposed corrugated steel and clear-finished tongue & groove boards. The loft also contains loads of intimate lighting tailored for your perfect evening. Industrial Lofts 912 & 914 come equipped with 2-car garages operated with remote door lifts, providing covered parking for your vehicles.

All of our lofts have their own sophisticated approach to style, delivering a high ceiling atmosphere that lands you soundly on the welcomed side of the threshold. The attitude of each space spans the design spectrum streaming from the likes of Le Corbusier, Joseph Eichler, Herman Miller, Louis Poulsen to Mies.

After rinsing off your travels in our spa-inspired custom showers, you’ll experience 5-Star landings afloat locally crafted platform beds, lavished with enough gooses and thread-count to send you off soundly on your journey counting sheep. Wheels up in the morning with a hot cup of Starbucks and then it’s Bon voyage!

From our open layout and our exquisite décor to our designer kitchens, put our Lofts on your flight plan and book a reservation today!

Prices are subject to change


Prices subject to change